Welcome to CVM !

Here you can find detailed information on CVM - a framework for compositional variability management based on the concept of configuration links. It is a research prototype used mainly in the context of the European projects ATESST2 (which ended mid 2010) and MAENAD (which ended in February 2014). It is implemented as an Eclipse plugin, but stand-alone RCP versions are available too.



Today, CVM version 0.8.5 has been released. It includes a number of minor bug fixes and performance improvements. In addition, this version contains several backward-compatible API changes that have been implemented over the past 12 months to facilitate the use of CVM together with EATOP and for the MAENAD optimization prototype, a prototype tool for multi-objective optimization of EAST-ADL models.

After a few quiet months, the work on CVM is picking up again. We celebrate this with the release of version 0.8.2 of CVM. Apart from several bug fixes, it includes major improvements of the Configuration Preview. In particular, the editing of a configuration decision's criterion was simplified.

Version 0.8.0 of CVM is available. This release contains major refactorings that are mainly aimed at making CVM more modular and reusable from other plugins. For example, most editing functionality of the CVM model editor is now available in the form of SWT Widgets.

Version 0.6.0 of CVM is available.

Several updates of the web page: a tutorial and a technical report is now available from the INFO page and the roadmap on the download page was adjusted to the latest planning.

The internal version 0.5.0 of CVM is completed.

The CVM website is now up and running. You will soon find more detailed information on CVM at http://www.cvm-framework.org/

An extensive refinement and consolidation of CVM is currently in progress. The new internal version 0.5 is expected for end of March or early April.

Io/VM is now renamed to CVM, which stands for Compositional Variability Management.

Internal version 0.4.9 of Io/VM is finished.

CVM is supported by and/or affiliated with ...

MAENAD European Project
Technical University Berlin
Reiser IT Consulting, Berlin